Pop Up Crepes

Pop Up Crepes



Our traditional savoury crepe mix recipe is gluten free, only 100% pure organic Australian buckwheat is used, giving the crepe a unique, crisp texture, colour and flavour

Ham & Cheese

Instant classic, deli ham + Norwegian cheese

Braised leeks with garlic, white white & cheese

Slow braised leeks + garlic + herbs de provence + white wine + Norwegian cheese




Our sweet crepe mix recipes contains a balanced blend of organic Australian buckwheat and organic Australian plain flours, resulting in a sweet crepe that is less doughy, finer textured, and ultimately, more tasty.

Salted Caramel

Our speciality, house made salted caramel, organic sugar, pink Murray river salt flakes

Lemon & Sugar

Classic, freshly squeezed lemon, raw Australian sugar

Lime & Coconut

Our new favourite, zingy, zesty, fresh lime juice + coconut butter

Swiss Chocolate

Our house made super special Swiss chocolate sauce

Strawberry & Champagne Jam

Melbourne made: real strawberries, real champagne

Butter & Sugar

Plain sweet crepe base, raw Australian sugar

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